Consider Your Problem Solved

A while back I mentioned the idea of setting up a booth where people could come and whine to me all they wanted. Then today I was dispensing some advice to a friend, and he suggested that if I enjoyed giving out advice I could try to solve people’s problems through the blog. So I propose an experiment. I’ll set up an email address specifically for people to send their problems to, and then I’ll advise them publicly (but anonymously for them) through the blog. It’s like Dear Abby, I guess, but updated to take advantage of the awesome power of the internet.

I still think the listening booth idea could work, but only in person. This way people actually get useful (I hope) advice for when they just can’t make a decision. They’re under no obligation to follow the advice, and I take no responsibility for their actions if they do. If it works, I could eventually move it to its own blog, but in order for that to happen, people actually have to try it.

So let’s give it a whirl. I set up the address for the questions. Tell all your friends, enemies, and total strangers to send me requests for advice. I accept any question, whether it be “Should I wear brown or blue socks today?” or “How can I find inner peace?”

(You can also send your own advice to me, such as “stop wasting my time with your idiotic ideas.”)


Jen said…
I'm not sure i want advice from someone who hates my boots. I mean, that's just nonsensical.
Joel said…
I had a feeling you'd be mad about that...
ATH79 said…
You need some kind of advertisement I can put to the side of my blog that people can click if they want their problems solved. Maybe including your seal of approval.
Joel said…
That's a great idea. I'll see what I can do about that.

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