Secret Wishes

Growing my hair out really long (before I lose it all), or coloring it blue

Becoming a chef

Having the practice time (and let’s face it, the aptitude) to become a rockin guitarist

Being the first person on Mars

Being half an inch taller

Running a marathon (although this could maybe happen within the next 2 years)

Giving a son the middle name “Danger”


MDawg said…
The nurse at the hospital when I had my baby told me that another couple the week before was having a hard time naming their baby. The husband was adamant about naming her Madeline Danger so she could say, "Danger is my middle name!" The wife was beside herself and the nurse finally had to have a talk with the husband to see if choosing that middle name was really worth causing problems in their relationship.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that I heard two references to the middle name of Danger in a week.

Jen said…
I think that's what middle names are for. Some weird family name or whatever the hey you want.
My friend did give his son the middle name of Danger. :) My secret wishes...
I always wanted to be a pop star
I want to be a famous lyricist
I really want one of those mom makeovers that the plastic surgeons do (breast lift, tummy tuck and one area of lipo), but that's not going to happen...
Anonymous said…
I remember in High Schoo Spencer Wendel wanted to name a son Master so that every time his teachers called on him they'd have to say "Yes, Master". I still find it hilarious.
Secret wishes (or not so secret): To be the skinny one who's friends always say they wish they were you.
A best friend to live right next door.
To Direct a show on Broadway; something dark and brooding and full of drama. Or just "Mourning becomes Electra".
My children to get along, play nice, and not be hyper. (And that's the least realistic one!)

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