Did you ever have a friend who shared your name? What was it like? Did one of you use a truncated version to differentiate between the two of you? My name has rarely even cracked the top 100 most common male names, so I don't run into another Joel terribly often. But there was one other one I knew in my junior high. Mostly we would pass each other in the halls, each saying "Hi Joel" at the same time. Now that I think about it, that was pretty much the extent of our friendship.


trb48 said…
In high school there was another Todd in one of my classes. He informed me one day that he was going to go by Todd and I was going to go by Frank. That didn't make me too happy.

There was another Todd in my major in College. My professor called me by my last name and him by his first. I have to admit it took my a long time to get over the fact that he was on my Todd turf and it was okay.
Jen said…
Of course there were thousands of Jennifers in my life, and continue to be. It appears i subconsciously acquired an extra weird personality to compensate. Your name may be Jennifer, sure, but there will only ever be one Jen. I know this. What would i do without italics? I think i might die.

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