Takin' All Bets

Well, my mouse adventures continue. I guess I never explained that the area where I work has undergone a lot of development lately, so land they had been roaming is now full of buildings, driving them indoors. So it’s not that I work in a filthy place.

Anyway, last night one of the little critters got into my desk again. This time it was my tube of toothpaste that was victimized. We’ve had that happen before; apparently they either really like toothpaste or they are increasingly concerned about their oral health. Last time I caught the mouse with chocolate, so this time I decided to bait two traps: one with toothpaste and one with chocolate. We’ll see if his sweet tooth or his desire to whiten his teeth wins out. Any predictions?


Ann said…
I'd love to hear the result...we just killed our 6th mouse in a few months.
Anonymous said…
Useful things I learned working at the zoo as a teenager #5:
Mice figure out that certain tastes (smells) equal death. So if you always you the same bait within a few days you'll stop catching mice. So along with Chocolate and Toothpaste (can't wait to hear how that comes out) Peanut butter and bits of hot dogs work great.

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