Here is the cemetery near our house:

There's a nice path for me to run on without fear of being hit by a car:

Except some people seem to think it's more efficient to cut through the cemetery (yellow) than to drive around it (pink):

It is worth disrespecting a cemetery to cut maybe 30 seconds off your drive? (Though in truth the slower speed probably prevents this.) Am I being just as disrespectful by running there?


Jer said…
I think a better question is, "Is it disrespectful to cut through the neighbors' back yards to get to the path so you don't have to go all the way around?"

Also,there is no legal way to commit vehicular manslaughter in a cemetary, because all of the occupants are dead. (I'm certain that's how the law works)
trb48 said…
The question that you should be asking is this:

"Is it showing off to run in the cemetery?"
Jen said…
i like looking at maps.

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