Movin' on Up

My friend Todd is looking to buy a condo. He has seen a bunch of them and is trying to narrow things down, so for fun our family went with him last night. When we got to the first place, we found that in order to get to the elevator we needed a code to unlock the door. The code appeared to be among the information we had, but it wasn’t working. Eventually we accidentally buzzed some guy in his apartment who was kind enough to instruct us on getting in. So we went upstairs and found the place, and nobody was there to let us in. The tenant had promised to be there until 6:30, and we got there at 6:43 (although we had surely been standing in the lobby at 6:30 and saw nobody leave). After a few phone calls between realtors, we were told the tenant would be there after 8, so for the time being we moved on.

The second place we went to also required a code to get in the door, but this time there was a lock box outside that the realtor could open to get a key. But I guess realtors are in the middle of changing their key system, so it took forever to get it working (eventually Todd figured out the problem—way to go, Todd). Once we got in the door we walked up the stairs to the third floor, only to find ourselves confronted with another lock. After trying what we thought was the code, we realized that we needed to just take the elevator up. So we went back downstairs, found the elevator, and everything was fine from then on (except that when we went back to the first place there was still nobody there).

All in all, it was an interesting experience, and the realtor (who is my cousin, and helped Jer buy the house we’re living in now) said that by the time we are actually buying our own place, we’ll be pros after seeing so many places with other people.


Joel said…
Wow, this is my most boring post ever. I can't even stand to go back and read it. Sorry.
Jen said…
no, no... tell us more about the codes. ;)
Lizzy said…
If your friend Todd is interested, my parents just bought a foreclosed home out in West Jordan and are selling their condo.
They're now on their 4th home since I graduated high school.
trb48 said…
Holy crap. What does this say about me?
Joel said…
Relax, Todd. You're no more boring than—hang on a second, I need to yawn.

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