Dumb Foam

It's been a while since I've made an embarrassing confession, so here we go. Every day I pass what used to be the 49th Street Galleria (then the Fun Dome, then some pet center) and is now an empty building. I am a little ashamed to admit that miss it. Sure, it was generally a place where stupid teens hung out doing stupid things, but there was a time when I fulfilled both those requirements (whereas now I can only meet the latter). I actually had some good times there. So next time you drive by the ghostly, mirror-windowed relic, I hope you'll spare a moment or two to contemplate the evanescence of youth. Or at least think about that one time you cheated at skee ball.


Anonymous said…
It's an empty building now?! That sucks. I remember dancing there as a little girl. Nothing like blue eye shadow on 5 year olds to make you remember a place.
Heidi said…
Don't forget it was a reception center, buffet restaurant, some sort of school. I too miss it -- the site of my first date with Glen. Ahh.

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