Plumbing the Depths of Success

On Saturday Katie cleaned the bathroom. And when she cleans, she cleans. Things end up looking all shiny and sparkly like in a commercial. So it was disappointing when that very night our tub clogged and was left nearly full of standing water. We decided to let it sit all night and see if it drained.

The next morning it had only drained a couple of inches, so we knew things were bad. I couldn't even put any drain cleaner down there until I bailed with a bucket. So I emptied the entire tub (Katie was mortified at the horrible ring it left) and put the drain cleaner down there. No dice. Later I tried a fancy gel kind of drain cleaner. That also didn't work. I jammed a coat hanger way down there and wiggled it around to see if I could find something. Nope.

The last thing I could try, thanks to a suggestion from my dad, was to use a plunger on the tub. Presto! The clog was dislodged, and I scrubbed the tub so Katie wouldn't have to again. Sam got his bath before bedtime, and all is well.


Jer said…
Ooh.. don't do that again. Drain cleaners can be bad for the pipes, especially old ones like in the house.
Ann said…
how nice to scrub the bathtub for your wife! :)
Joel said…
Well, if I was that great, I might have been able to convince her to let me clean it in the first place.
Jen said…
we had that same problem and found the same solution. Plungers: what can't they do.

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