Today I’m going to get a bit political. I usually avoid politics, except for solving the occasional worldwide problem. So if you find the topic boring, well, it’s not as if you’re paying for this.

Apparently North and South Korea are again talking about the possibility of considering maybe trying to begin to reunite a little bit. This situation, however, involves several almost insurmountable problems. First and foremost, the dictator of North Korea is an idiotic narcissist who throws a significant part of his population in gulags and starves the rest, while maintaining a standing army of a million men. And what resources aren’t spent on the military are spent trying to make the rest of the world think they have nuclear weapons. Second, somebody would actually have to relinquish power in order to make two governments into one, and I don’t think rock/paper/scissors is going to be sufficient to make those decisions. Finally, it would basically mean that a country of 50 million would have to support an additional 23 million, which could collapse the economy entirely. They’ll need to sell a lot of Hyundai cars to keep things running.

Maybe we should try to get North Korea to host the Olympics. It certainly helped the South Korean economy prosper. They could convert some of their gulags into domiciles for Olympic athletes. They could have athletes toss javelins into the DMZ to get rid of a few mines. They could even add a new event: tunneling across the border. It could work!


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