The Pants Dance

Here’s an idea fresh off the, uh, synapses. Generally speaking, there is one person in every relationship who plays the dominant role. There’s usually one person who makes the majority of the phone calls, perhaps makes most of the conversation, and “wears the pants,” if you will. Well, this morning I thought of another indicator. It’s the person who does the driving. I often see people dropped off at work by a spouse, but the person being dropped off here was the driver, so the other person has to get out and walk around to the driver’s seat. It would make more sense efficiency-wise if one person just drove the whole way, so I wonder if it’s an indicator of dominance. What do you think?


Brooke said…
Hmm, interesting. I think you're on to something there. I'm going to pay attention for a few days and see what I can see.
Krista said…
I think it is. I drive 90% of the time when my family goes places and I am definately the more dominant person in the marriage.

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