Horror Spray

Sometimes I use hairspray in the morning. Sprayed in the confines of the bathroom, I can’t help but breathe it in for a couple of minutes. I have this strange and compelling fear that the hairspray is clogging the alveoli in my lungs, causing me to slowly suffocate. Sometimes I even hold my breath before I spray and try not to breathe until I leave the room. Is this an unforeseen byproduct of anti-tobacco advertising or a warning sign of impending madness?


Jen said…
Joel, I don't know the answer to your question. However, living in the city, I know i'm breathing in who-knows-what kind of foul & toxic pollutants on a constant basis. In fact, I'm convinced that if i were to breathe in actual fesh air, my body would freak out and react to the clean air as an invader, whereupon my lungs would shut down and then I'd suffocate and die. So i figure, what's a little hairspray in the lungs.
Jar said…
Impending madness? You seem to imply some sort of pre-existing sanity.

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