Oh My Stars!

Something strange is happening to homes all around us. It started as a craft project, then grew into a nightmare of interior design. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the star!

I’ve been noticing this symbol appearing on more and more houses over the past few months. I have two possible explanations for this. One: This is a subtle, sinister sign of membership in a secret organization dedicated to the destruction of humanity. Two: It’s a symbol of the herd mentality we often try to deny but rarely escape.

I’m not sure which possibility is more frightening.


Brooke said…
Are you saying I'm a sheep, just because I have a star on my balcony? Well, guess what? I started the trend, so there.
Jar said…
I used to go around and look at houses with my girlfriend, and she noticed the stars too! She would always point them out to me... I vote conspiracy

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