Oh Boy! Another Belgian Waffle Maker...

I spent the majority of the day yesterday attending several events pertaining to a wedding. I tried to find an original but useful gift. The only way to know if I succeeded, of course, is to wait for a year, go to the couple’s home, and poke around to see if they kept it.

It was fun to attend all these events, because this couple organized things almost exactly the same way my own wedding day was. This is great because I essentially have no memory of that day. I don’t remember a single word that was said during the ceremony. I don’t remember what we had for the luncheon (which, by the way, was some truly killer chicken cordon bleu yesterday). I don’t remember any of the greetings or advice from people. I don’t really even remember who came to anything.

I do, however, remember two particularly useful gifts. One was a first aid kit. This is such a great gift because it’s something you need to have in your home, but it’s not something others are likely to think of. And if you do get multiples, you can put one in your car. You’re bound to use it sometime. The other great gift we got was around $70 in one-dollar bills. This was great because a honeymoon is likely to be replete with occasions in which tipping is customary, and you don’t want your spouse to see you stiffing people.

So let’s stop re-gifting that old Star Trek steak knife set.


trb48 said…
There was one thing about your wedding that I remember. We were in the Lion house introducing ourselves. When it was my turn I said my name and that I was your boss. After my revelation someone made the comment "Not any more." At the time I had no idea what they meant, but don't worry. I get it now.
Krista said…
I just got them something from their registry. I lack the time or imagination to come up with anything creative. I figure that at least they got what they thought they wanted a few weeks ago and they know right where to return it. Plus, Bed Bath and Beyond gives you cash for returns. I LOVE that. Umm, not that I returned any of my wedding gifts or anything. They were all perfect and wonderfull and nothing was a re-gift at all(I wish).
Jar said…
Great. I thought those knives were a good idea. Thanks a lot.

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