When you finish a phone conversation, have you ever noticed how many times you have to exchange words like “okay” and “see you later”? There seems to be some set number of conversational volleys before you can let the ball of communication drop. Pay attention the next time you’re on the phone. You can’t just say “Bye,” and hang up, or you’ll seem rude.

My problem is that I always seem one exchange ahead of the other person. When I say “Bye,” the other person still needs to make two comments, so they end up quickly saying “Okaybye” before hanging up.

Seriously, pay attention to your phone conversations and see if this isn’t the case. Try saying goodbye one round earlier and listen to the other person splutter. It’s fun to do, especially when someone you don’t care for calls you.


Jen said…
Oh man. The art of ending a phone conversation. And have you noticed that some people are bad at it? THey don't pick up the "i'm wrapping this up" cues.
Sometimes I feel like I am spending as much time trying to say "goodbye" as the entire phone conversation was, or longer even. Maybe it's my fault, i don't know.

When people cut it short and jump straight to "bye," it kind of makes me laugh. It is a little weird, but I enjoy it. Or when people don't say bye at all and you say, "what thuuuh...oh. bye" to no one.
Turbo said…
I completely agree with this. At times I get so annoyed with the 'multiple goodbyes' that I intentionally make it awkward just so I can get off the phone sooner. Sure, I sound like a complete idiot but it works.

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