If I could be a vegetable (literally, I mean; my mental state often enough approaches that definition...), what kind would I be? By giving this question the hours of thought it deserves, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to be a brussels sprout. The reason is that if I were to get eaten, I would want to be as disgusting as possible to my killer. Some might call this pretty cynical. Others might not know me that well.
Then there's the question of what vegetable I resemble most. In other words, if I were to become a cartoon vegetable, what would I be? I'll rely on your creative-thinking skills to inform me (be kind).
What about you? What veggie would you be, and what do you most resemble?


trb48 said…
I would be beans. Silent yet deadly.
Jar said…
I told you this morning. You would be an eggplant. A tapered head with a patch on top for hair. Me? I'm asparagus. Everyone knows you should have it, but nobody really likes it.

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