Chef? Boy, Are We!

I enjoy cooking. Well, I enjoy eating and get some satisfaction from eating when it’s something I made. I like to take meals that I enjoy in restaurants and learn to make them at home, so I can save money and make it just the way I want it. Like many men, I often cook without paying attention to the exact amount of things I use, and I’m always tinkering with a meal trying to get it just right.

There are, however, a few personal rules I follow in the kitchen. Here are some of them.

If it requires a thermometer, it’s too much trouble.

Double the amount of cheese.

Double the amount of sauce.

Gravy can cover just about any mistake.

Smoke coming from the pan is a bad thing

Be careful when buying the store brand—sometimes it’s disastrous.

What rules do you follow in the kitchen?


Jar said…
If gas is required to cook it, it's not worth it.

Never say "oops". Always say "Ahh, interesting!"

Keep the number of the pizza place on the fridge door.
Krista said…
The more time or money you spend on it, the less likely your toddler is to eat it.

Don't try to cook while catching up on this blog . . . it's going to take FOREVER to get the smoke smell out of my house now.
Jen said…
read how much chocolate is in the recipe, then add more.

omit some sugar, and flour.

if one of the items in a recipe is expensive, all the others can be cheap.

always put salt in sweet stuff.

you always think it'll be fine a little overcooked until you start eating it.

any recipe that calls for weird obscure things that you're too lazy to find is probably really gross anyway.

a homemade pie crust is never worth it.

those are some in my house. kinda lame and boring but oh well. :) it's a fun post.

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