Only in Dreams

Dreams are weird. I don’t know about you, but one of the things I remember most about dreams is the scenery. I regularly have dreams in certain settings. For example, I occasionally have a dream involving a lake or swimming pool, and I can usually breathe underwater. I also regularly have dreams in which I’m hanging out on the upper floors of a skyscraper. Of course, I also have the old standby dreams about not being fully dressed in a public place. What’s the point of that? Why does just about everyone have basically the same dreams?

Share your thoughts, or tell me about some dreams you’ve had.


Jen said…
Joel, dangit, i can't believe i didn't see this post. I have the weirdest dreams but I too have the classic ones, like having all your teeth fall out.

I often have crazy adventure dreams which are so fun. i love them.

One of my favorite dreams is when i was sitting at my Highland home at the computer and i'd type in a year like 1987 and all of a sudden, the scene around me changed--the wallpaper, the carpet, the furniture--to match that year in my home. And i'm pretty sure it was accurate. And i looked out the door and I saw all my sibs at the age they were that year. Then i typed in 1981 and the scene changed again and a little 1-year-old tootled in and she was adorable (of course) and i picked her up and it was me and i said, "hello jen!" I'm pretty sure it really was me, and not just my brain telling me it was me. How awesome is that?? have you ever gotten to pick up your one-year-old self?

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