Fiction, Baby!

I love reading. Since elementary school, I have always read for enjoyment. (And yes, the reading material has increased in complexity of language since then, poop head!) I do have a hard time reading nonfiction books, though. I enjoy reading articles in magazines and researching topics online, but a book-length work of non-fiction tends to bore me. I often hear about the great books other people are reading on subjects such as boat repair and the Oort cloud. Then I consider that I’m usually reading about far-off worlds and advanced technology, and I realize something important: Those people are either really boring or they’re making it up to impress people. I get enough mundane information during my day. When I read, I want to escape to other world where they have fantastic advances such as flying cars and dustpans that don’t leave behind that little line of dirt when you sweep your kitchen floor. If you want bland, “applicable” information, just go watch C-Span, which also happens to be a great cure for insomnia.


Jen said…
I agree. My husband has said he doesn't really like reading fiction. I know, totally sad. Picture a small nerdy kid reading text books as a child. You've just met my husband.. uhh.. as a child. ha ha. I am NOT married to a child. just wanted to clarify.

Anyway, but you know, maybe this is indicative of my reading and/or intelligence level but my favorite books are children's books. Roald Dahl may or may not be my favorite author of all time and I may or may not be reading Matilda this very moment.

As an epilogue to the sad story of Nerdy Non-fiction Reader, i have since introduced to him many books that i love and he loves them too. To get him to experience Harry Potter, i read the whole thing to him and he probably loves them more than i do. The End.

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