Hi, School!

Something just occurred to me. Most people I talk to hated high school and would never go back, but I would actually like to go back with the knowledge and experiences I have now and do it all over again. I think I could have really done better for myself and avoided some mistakes I made.

What about you? Is high school a series of painful memories to be repressed, or was it one long, never-ending party?


Jen said…
I was just talking about this with someone. I actually really liked high school. I had great friends and we had good times all around.

Were you a part of a particular group? If i had to choose one, i guess it'd have to have been "preppy" or something. I mean, i had nerdy friends (brooke), popular friends on student council, and i was just regular. so i don't know.
Joel said…
I was part of a group that sort of existed outside the normal strata of high school society. We knew people in various groups, and everybody else mostly left us alone. So I guess I was lucky.
Anonymous said…
I'm still shocked at how well known our little group was, apparently. I live in a neighborhood near our old school and keep bumping into people from our school and they always know me and I sometimes think I know them. Maybe I'm just forgetful, but I'd like to think I was popular and didn't know it.

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