Who Needs a Rollercoaster?

I live on a dead-end street. No, not just metaphorically, it really is a dead end. In fact, to exit the street you have to make one of the worst blind turns imaginable. The street you turn onto is narrow, with concrete barriers on the opposite side, so there’s not room for anyone to swerve if you pull out in front of them. So I pretty much take my life in my hands every time I have to go anywhere.
To add an extra element of danger, a sheet of ice develops on the street whenever it snows. For some reason, the city plows shun our neighborhood, so as more cars drive on the street it polishes the ice to a lethal smoothness. Most of the street is clear within a few days, but the last 15 feet or so takes weeks and weeks to melt. So the point at which you need to slow down and slowly creep out, straining your neck up to see over the fence, becomes the point at which it is almost impossible to stop.
My point is, if you’re looking for a life-threatening thrill, just head over my way this winter to satisfy all your adrenaline-pumping needs.


Nathan Mulford said…
How about hover cars. That would solve your problem.
Or ice skates.
Jen said…
I love the thought of parking your car at the end of the street and skating the rest of the way home.

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