Have an Enjoyable, Non-Denomintaional Winter Season

In making a comment on another blog, I came up with something that is so darn clever that I felt it deserved its own entry. Given the current political climate, this is what "Merry Christmas" will soon be reduced to:
"The Author of this card wishes to endorse a felicitous Season upon the Recipient, where 'Season' refers to the period between the approximate dates of November 23 and January 2. The wishes are in no way to be construed as adherence to or endorsement of a particular system of beliefs and have no cash value. Should the Season of the Recipient in fact not adhere to established measures of prosperity, including but not limited to economic, familial, or emotional prosperity, the Author accepts no responsibility. By accepting this message, the Recipient absolves the Author from any and all responsibilities pertaining to the salutations contained herein."


Jen said…
i was going to say... this definitely should be its own post. :) so geeky, yet awesome.

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