My Stars!

I’d just like to state, for the record, that I don’t care in the least about the private lives of celebrities. I don’t read star gossip magazines, I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight, and I probably wouldn’t recognize Brad Pitt on the street if he stopped to ask me what time it was. I think they’re entitled to live their own lives.

Now, with that little disclaimer out there, it’s story time.

One night when I was in college, my roommates wanted to get some people together and go play a game they called Bigger and Better. The idea is that you pick a small, worthless object and go knock on somebody’s door. Then you offer to trade the item for something bigger or better. The idea is that as you keep doing it, you end up with something really good, like a Wonder Woman action figure, or an aircraft carrier.

Well, on this particular evening we decided to drive out to a fairly nice neighborhood in the hopes of finding some generous people. There was nobody home at the first house, so we went next door. A middle-aged woman opened the door, and we told her what we were doing. As she went back into the house to find something for us, somebody in the group started saying that she looked like somebody famous. The door was open a little bit, and we could see some family pictures inside on the walls that seemed to support this idea. When she came back to the door holding (I’m not making this up) a jar of Osmond Jelly, we realized that Marie Osmond had opened the door for us. So everybody went nuts (except for me, as I had no more than a vague idea who the Osmonds were), and somebody got her to autograph a scrap of paper, and we took home our prize and a far more interesting story. Sorry, but I don’t remember how the jam tasted.

Do you have any stories about meeting someone famous?


Nathan Mulford said…
I have met the following local celebrities at the LDS Distribution center.
-Bruce Lindsey
-Liz Lemon Swindle
-The Jensen Guy from Sigfried & Jensen
-Dan Evans from Fox 13
-The Keyboard player from Diamond Rio
-The Drummer from Bush

And Rod Decker accused me of stealing his newspaper. But we have never met.
Kevin said…
On a distribution center/Marie Osmond note, she came in once (right after her house burned down) to buy new G's. I was lucky enough to ring up her purchase. I obviously new who she was, but for my entertainment I asked her if I could see her ID. She thought it was hilarious. Apparently nobody asks her for ID.

Oh and Nate, that Rod Decker is a real Bastard and you can tell him I said so (We have never met either).

P.S. I have a blog. Come and see me at
Brooke said…
Oh, and I also meant to say that I saw Cher in a museum in Paris. I had my camera out and was going to snap a picture, but her bodyguard stepped in the way and gave me a "nope" head shake. So, though I have no photographic proof, I did indeed see her.
Jen said…
I'm not sure i'll ever actually meet someone famous. I have such a pride problem in that I refuse to... i don't know...treat a famous person any differently than a stranger i've never met. They're no cooler than i am. I'm not really explaining this well. oh well.

So, I won't get my picture taken with anyone and i'm overly "cool" around famous people. I just keep on walking. But, here is a list of famous people i've seen:

1- Anderson Cooper. Passed him on the sidewalk. He's quite short.

2- Elliot Gould

3- I've seen John Turturro (sp) several times. He lives in my neighborhood and i see him at the farmer's market often.

4- John Krasinksi

5- Sean and I rode an almost empty subway train with Paul Giamatti. We talked the whole time how much the guy in the corner looked like PG. It was only after emerging at the spot and he and i made eye contact that it was confirmed. I then had to play it cool and didn't say anything until he was out of earshot.

6- Spike Lee. He has a studio or office near where i live i think, though that's not where i saw him. Just trying to brag, i guess.

7- Remember the lady who tries to sell Avon stuff to Edward Scissorhands & brings him home? I've seen her twice.

8- I passed Wilford Brimley at a frame shop in Lehi once, and formally met him at a Jazz game. Ok, so i have met someone famous.

9- I walked by Steve Buscemi in B-town. They say you're not a Brooklyner until you've seen him.

I have a very good eye for famous people, or faces in general. I generally know right away if it is who i think it is (minus Paul, but i couldn't get a good look at first and, again, i refuse to stare)

Soooo sorry for this insanely long comment. I am what i am. that is a really funny story though about Marie Osmond. Lucky.

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