20 2.0

I never got a chance to be 20 years old. When I went to Korea, I was 19, and they count you as one year old when you're born, and because of the specifics of the calendar, I was 21 when I got there. Then I was 23 when I left, and when I came home I was 21. I will forever miss being on the cusp of adulthood like that, no longer a teenager but not so old I have to really act like an adult.
*Sigh* Missed opportunities...


Jen said…
ehh.. 20 is a non-age. I can barely remember my 20th year (or is it 21st?) so I don't think you missed much. Some pivotal ages are, however: 16, 18, 21, 25, golden birthday, and the rest is crap. in my opinion.

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