It’s obviously a bad thing to teach one thing and do another. Everybody can agree that hypocrisy can cause problems, such as the parent who does drugs but tells his kids not to (which, according to early 90s television, happens a lot). But isn’t hypocrisy better than teaching and saying the wrong thing? “Sit down, son, and smoke a bowl with me!” That seems worse to me than “Don’t make the same mistake I made.” Hypocrites can speak from experience. Plus I bet everybody is hypocritical in at least one way, unless you’re either perfectly virtuous or perfectly evil. So, logically, isn’t opposing hypocrisy hypocritical since we’re all hypocrites?

I think I need to go lie down now. But I don’t think you should.


Kevin Lloyd said…
I like the way your brain works. Maybe we should start a think tank.

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