Rejoin Hell Lawmen

I found a great website for making anagrams. You should check it out to see what your name can make. These are the best ones it came up with for my full name:

Manlier Hewn Jello

No Enema Jell Whirl

Hell Men Jailer Now

Lamer When In Jello

What did you come up with?


Jen said…
I confess, I do love anagrams. I've tried many times to make something cool out of my name but nothing doing. Stupid J. Although i did check out the website and i liked Free Jello In Norm. Also, it's cool that you can get 'inferno' from my name.

When my husband and i were dating, we chatted a lot online (geeks) and there was an "anagram day" where we did this. Imagine my excitement when i made this one: salmon or eel? awesome. Also, No Lame Loser. or, Ole Loser Man. (perfect anagrams, by the way. jealous.) I think it was then that he knew. ... that i was the biggest geek alive.

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