I Bet You Can't Cross a Monkey and an Octopus!

A while back I wrote a post about the strange research that we sometimes hear about. Well, this morning I finally realized that I had been missing the point entirely. The epiphany came when I was glancing at the headlines and saw this one:

British Scientists Create Three-Parent Embryo

The article, of course, goes on to state how the scientists are hopeful that it will lead to treatment of some disease or other. That’s when it hit me. Some scientists, particularly geneticists, are just big kids with powerful and expensive Legos. Remember when you were a kid and tried to build the weirdest things you could? Well, that’s where glowing pigs come in. These researchers can do pretty much whatever they want. Then they throw a dart at a board with disease names on it and say they are hoping this research will lead to treatment of those diseases. Nobody else can follow the science behind it, so we take their word for it. Genius! Why didn't I realize that before choosing a career?


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