Now for Sensitive Skin!

We probably all know someone who is unusually sensitive and will take offense to our every word, action, and inaction. I used to consider these people unnecessary to society, but now I realize that they provide us with two important services.

First and foremost, they provide us with an important source of entertainment. Who doesn’t like to talk to the office feminist and tell her she should be home baking cookies? Sometimes the only enjoyment to be found in an otherwise depressing day is in tweaking someone for your own personal amusement.

Second, these people provide us with an important yardstick by which we can gauge our own sanity. They are sort of the psychological equivalent of the miner’s canary. We can evaluate our own mental health by seeing how much we agree with those folks. The more we find ourselves in agreement, the more necessary it may be to have some sort of personality intervention.

To any hyper-sensitive people who are offended, I’m glad I know you.


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