Kernel Knowledge

Ah, popcorn. What a delightful treat! I used to eat it more than I do now, probably because it's an unnecessary expense on a finite grocery budget. But on occasion, I treat myself.

Popcorn is marvelous, but it also has a dark side. Literally. If you leave it in the microwave even a few seconds too long, you end up burning half the bag. So I tend to err on the side of early extraction. I would rather have only half the bag be popped than have even a couple burned kernels. I don't know if it's just me, but burned popcorn is one of the most horrid flavors around. If there are very many burned pieces, I will toss the whole bag and start again.

This morning at work I decided to microwave some. I am always amused at how the smell can permeate the whole building and elicit comments from so many people. I decided it would be fun to microwave a bag and hide it somewhere, so nobody knows where the smell is coming from.


Anonymous said…
That is just evil!!
Jen said…
have you ever had a jelly belly buttered popcorn-flavored bean? FOUL. Which is weird because it tastes exactly like the real thing, (which we all love) which I guess is the problem. It's too real.

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