Me and My Magnetron

I have never considered myself a perfectionist, but I guess I'm a little unusual in how I use a microwave. First of all, I think it’s wrong to use a microwave when you could use an oven or toaster oven (I love my toaster oven), but there are times when there’s no choice.

So when I have to use one, I very carefully consider the cooking time and the power. I thought everyone did this until someone at work told me he heats it on high for a while and the just stirs it around. But I would rather heat my food on a lower power for longer, which makes it more even. (Also, if you spread the food in a ring around the outer portion of the plate so there’s nothing in the middle, you won’t have a cold portion in the middle to deal with.) And once I figure out how to microwave something perfectly, I remember it so I can repeat it the next time.

So, as far as neuroses go, is this one a low/defrost, medium, or high?


I think that one's a high...I thought I was weird... J/K. :)
Jen said…
it's only a little weird, if by "little" i mean "freaking INSANE," which i do.
Joel said…
I knew I could count on you guys for an honest opinion.

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