I was talking with my friend Nathan about how April Fool's Day can be dangerous not only because of pranks, but because of actual happenings that may be mistaken for pranks. Here are some things which, if someone tells you on April 1, you're better off believing, even at the risk of humiliation (particularly if the individual telling you has a badge and a gun).

"There's a flash flood heading this way!"
I'm afraid the test came back positive." (Hmm, I just might call some random strangers out of the phone book next year and try this one.)
"You were going 25 mph over the speed limit."
"You're under arrest."


Jen said…
Is it commonplace to have police officers play April Fool's Day jokes on people?

Calling someone randomly about the positive test result would be a good one--somewhat cruel, but good. You should try it.

This holiday has the potential for great things but I never think of something good enough in time. Maybe i'll make that a goal for next year. And a worthy goal it would be.
Anonymous said…
I haven't done an April Fools joke since my big sister punched me in the stomach when I was 12 for saying I had read her journal when she left it out. Terrible thing was, my dad thought up the joke!
My sister had her baby on April Fool's Day, and I didn't believe her.

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