Odd Ends

Okay, I finally have a few pictures to post of our new place.

This is our sweet backyard, complete with carpeted decks, a fountain, and a playhouse (with a doorbell!) for Sam.

You can't really tell, but it's an interesting green color.

This is our crazy messy living room. After 4 days, it still looks pretty much like this. I suspect someone else is sneaking more boxes into our house.

This is the newest addition to our family, a chinchilla given away by my friend Krista's family, as she suggested in my pet post. We asked Sam what we should name it, and he suggested Filfer (which is what he wants to name everything these days), so we decided to go with it.


Heidi Bell said…
beautiful house. Glad to see the little rat found a nice home.
Looks great. I love the chinchila. That is a word my son learned on Diego. Oh and I like his name. Great idea Sam!

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