Quick! Look over There!

I’ve mentioned this before, but as far as I can tell it’s not on this blog anywhere. For anyone who has kids or will have kids, distraction is a vital tool.

Last night we were trying to get Sam to go to bed. I had read him a few books, and Katie was going to take over. She told him to stay in bed while she went to get another book. He got out of bed, though, (and disobeyed in a number of other ways) so she told him we wouldn’t read anything else to him because he wasn’t being good. He screamed for half an hour about wanting us to read to him (Fox in Socks, if you must know), until I started asking him questions about the books we had read already. He ended up telling us all about the stories we had read, calmed down, and fell asleep shortly thereafter.

I’m told this works on grown men too, but I don’t believe—ooh, a peanut!


Jenn Hansen said…
Don't tell my husband about this. I use this trick all of the time.
Turbo said…
It works on individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses as well.

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