Surplus Sale

The house we moved into was previously occupied by older people. So there were a few interesting things left behind out in the yard, none of which we would go out and purchase.

"Dad, this is creepy."

Everybody knows elephants are what every yard needs.

Yes, this is some kind of gnome, and yes, it's screwed onto the tree itself.

I have no idea what this frog is doing in the planter, and I don't know what it's doing with its hands.

This raccoon appears to be hitchhiking.

Every garden needs a peacock, right?

In case you have a very important visitor.


That was very enjoyable. Thank you.
Heidi Bell said…
Glen and I always joked that the if we ever saw a Garden Gorilla for sale we would have to buy it. Because what is more random than a Gorilla statuette in your Garden. Well, maybe an elephant.

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