Today Jer and I solved the problem of funding NASA. They are always having budgetary crises, and the problem is that people are too focused on the problems in their lives to want a lot of government money to fund boring space exploration. But more private donations would help them out.

I propose that NASA hold telethons similar to the ones PBS does. But instead of sending you ballet tickets in exchange for your donation, NASA would perform crazy publicity stunts once certain goals were reached. For example, they could send a pig out of the airlock on the space station to see what would really happen to someone exposed to the vacuum of space (hint: explosion). I think there are a lot of similar stunts they could do that would have people paying more attention to them, rather than just experimenting with the effects of weightlessness on tiny screws.

Just a thought, NASA. Call me if you want some PR help.


ATH79 said…
PETA would have a fit!
Joel said…
I know. Wouldn't it be great?

Fox would pay to show it on their network, too, which would provide still more funding.

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