Me Drive Crazy

We had been having a rather cold and wet spring, with snow falling up to last week. Then, starting Sunday, we've had truly gorgeous weather. So naturally, on the first beautiful commute day of the spring, with nary a cloud in the sky, I found myself in a traffic jam as soon as I hit the freeway on-ramp yesterday afternoon. Then after finally navigating around that accident, I was treated to two more on the way home, so my 20-minute commute turned into 50 minutes. Then this morning I heard about two more accidents yesterday with multiple fatalities.

I understand that these things happen. What puzzles me is that we had weeks of horrible, wet weather with nary an accident, and now on the first work day after the weather turned everybody was so busy staring up at that puzzling (yet vaguely familiar) blue-colored sky that they got themselves killed.


Nathan Mulford said…
This story teaches a valuable lesson about hope and optimism. That is what people tell me spring is about anyway. The lesson is this hope and optimism will get you killed.

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