You Can Use Facts to Prove Things That Are Even Remotely True!

Sometimes I feel like the world wastes a lot of its scientific resources on unnecessary research. I know that research often yields unexpectedly positive results, such as the creation of silly putty or Dick Clarke, but every once in a while I read about research attempting to prove something like “men find good-looking women more attractive than mannequins with missing limbs.” Thanks for confirming that, guys.

I think scientists sometimes need PR help to relate advances to the public. For example, in explaining how time moves at different speeds according to the Theory of Relativity, scientists use the example of someone in a rocket ship going at the speed of light compared to someone on the ground on earth. All they need to do is point out how time moves so fast when you’re on vacation compared to when you’re at work. We don’t even need a big theory to explain it. That’s just the way the universe works.

Now, let’s put more of our collective efforts into developing strawberry jam that helps you lose weight.


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