Dissecting the Funny Bone

Contrast is a very important principle to learn. I first learned about it in a desktop publishing class. You want to balance the colors on a page so it’s not overwhelming or lopsided. It’s also important to remember in fashion. It looks better to wear some light and some dark instead of all one shade.

Contrast is also a key element of humor. I like to take incongruous things and put them together. The best example I can give of this is when, a couple years ago, some friends and I decided to make up a fake band. So we took two words with completely different feelings to them and created Puppy Guts. We never got around to actually writing any songs, but that’s not important when you have a name that cool and create accompanying artwork (thanks, Nathan).

Let’s see what funny, original band names you can create (like Death Socks or Munchkin Assassins). Go forth and be funny!


Jar said…
I don't have a good band name, but I did make a screenplay with some friends called "Your Mom the Musical"
Brooke said…
Puppy Guts. That's awesome. Just don't be surprised when someone steals it from you and "Puppy Guts" ends up on the Billboard Top 10.
Jen said…
Fluffy dagger.

Marshmallow Poison (lame)

Sugar Death

Rainbow Sewer

ok, this is actually kind of fun. :)

Mellow Seizure. ha ha. extra lame...
Joel said…
Personally, I love Fluffy Dagger. Couldn't you see them opening for Puppy Guts?
Jen said…
Ha! totally. OR, the other way around. I mean.. it's Fluffy Dagger. Best band ever.

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