Trust Me

Recently I was reminded of one of the few useful skills I possess (I’m afraid the ability to open doors with my feet will not result in significant financial gain). For some reason, I have the ability to convince people that I know what I’m talking about, even when I’m completely making things up. Personally, I think it has to do with wearing glasses and looking as much like a nerd as possible. I’d like to try an experiment talking to people on the street, trying to gauge by their reaction how much they believe my "knowledge" on various subjects. I’d do it with glasses, neat hair, and a spiffy orthopedic shoe/sweater vest combo.

At any rate, the question is this: how can I make the most of this ability, short of becoming a “scientist” for the tobacco lobby?


Turbo said…
Have you ever thought of going back into retail?
Brooke said…
There are so many way to exploit this talent. However, I do mean 'exploit' with a negative connotation, so if you want to stay on the good side of the force, I'd use your powers sparingly.

I once convinced a few people in conversation that there was an onion famine in Scotland, like there was a potato famine in Ireland. All because I spoke authoritatively. Goooood times.

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