Personal Neologisms

Butt Crack n.: The small opening at the top of the car window allowing smokers to dislodge the ash from the tip of a cigarette

What words do you secretly use to describe things?


Jar said…
Cop Out:
v.: To avoid a police officer you know is going to pull you over for speeding by switching lanes and exiting the freeway.

n.: Joel's latest blog entry.
Jen said…
pineapple bone: the center portion of the pineapple that is apparently inedible.

banana wax: the gross stuff that remains on your teeth and mouth when you eat a banana that is not ripe enough.

snain: really wet, rainy snow coming down fast, but not necessarily with wind (which would be sleet). (in jen's dictionary)

the forbidden hour: 4:00am. Too early to wake up, and too late to still be up.

wait, is that what i call it? forbidden? why? hmm.. i'll have to think about that one.

I think I have many, many more, weirdly.
Joel said…
I actually really like to eat the pineapple bone. So far it has never gotten caught in my throat.
Brooke said…
craptastic (adj) um, it just means very crappy. Try using it--it's really satisfying.
Jen said…
Same here!

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