Honk Beep Beep Honk Beep

Like it or not, your car makes a statement about you. Here’s an accurate guide I just made up to what some of those statements are.

New Corvette: I have money and I like fast cars.

New BMW: I have a lot of money and I like German cars.

Hummer: I demand that you acknowledge my presence! Out of the way, mortals!

Cadillac Escalade: I demand that you acknowledge my riches! Worship me, impecunious masses!

Honda Accord/Toyota Camry: I have no will of my own.

Toyota Prius: I’m so concerned about the environment that I conveniently neglected to calculate that, compared to a Corolla, I pay $1700 more per year in order to save $500 in gas.


trb48 said…
What does my car say about me?
nathan said…
Well as a owner of both an Honda Accord and a Toyota Camry I...I...I don't know what to say, no one is here to tell me what to say. Someone help me I am all alone and no one is here to tell me what to do or think. Holy crap I think my brain is imploding... gurgle, gurgle, ooh, eek, ouch, I'm dead.
Joel said…
Nathan, did I give you permission to die?
Jar said…
Mustang: I'm compensating for something, but can't afford a Corvette.

Motorcycle: I don't like to shower.

Chevy Celebrity: Outta my way, mortals!... no, wait...

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