Killing Time

If you ask people what period in history they would like to live in, they’ll usually choose a time period that seems romantic or exciting to them, like Renaissance Italy, or ancient Greece, or the old west. I must be weird, because I’m too practical. I wouldn’t go back in time at all. I’d rather stay in the present, for the most up-to-date knowledge of medicine (and hygiene). I don’t want to live in a time when they just have to pull your teeth out if you have a toothache, or you die from various mysterious “fevers.” And I certainly don’t want to live in a time when daily showers are unheard of.

What time period would you like to live in, or (if you’re like me) just visit?


Jen said…
Man. There are too many. I usually wish i could go back and be present for major events. I've often daydreamed about saving Lincoln from the bullet or waving at Columbus from the beach. "Heeey guuyyys!" Basically, I guess i just want to alter history. :)
trb48 said…
I would like to go back and visit the 50s or 60s. I think it would be great to see what the world was like when my parents were growing up. I would also like to take a sweet car for a ride. While I was there, I would deposit a few hundred dollars in the bank, for use when I came back to the present.
Brooke said…
I want to pull a "Back to the Future" and chill with my parents when they were in high school. That would be awesome. They dated in high school too, so it'd be a kick to watch that. Well, except the mushy parts.
nathan said…
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nathan said…
I think I would like to go back to the early seventies. So that I could wear bright colored suit jackets, plaid pants, and those paisley ties that are as big as your head. Man I could really dig that.

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