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Do you have any DVDs that play several previews before you can get to the actual movie? That really bothers me. I paid for this disc. I own it. I don’t need Hollywood cramming more and more advertising in my life. Has anybody ever bought a movie because they saw the preview on a disc they just bought? They’re always for some really famous movie you already know, or they’re for some show that is apparently intended as a cure to insomnia. Let’s see if I can make one up.

“Imagine a world where everything you knew (dramatic pause)… is turned upside down. Trevor Dingbat was just an ordinary boy… until one day, his life was changed forever. Now he’s facing the greatest challenge of his life because he decided to… Wish upon a Star.”

I totally made that up in 30 seconds. But it sounds genuine, doesn’t it?

[Update: According to the IMDB, Wish upon a Star is a real movie, made in 1996, about a girl who wishes to trade places with her older, popular sibling.]


Kevin said…
Not only is "Wish upon a Star" a real movie, but I have seen it. It was filmed in Salt Lake at Hunter High, us Hunter High Wolverines thought we were so cool when that movie came out (although I think it was a straight to video type deal). Best part: your fake trailer is surprisingly accurate
trb48 said…
The great thing about the previews comes years later after the purchase. I have watched some old VHSs that we had. It is funny to see old movies and how they advertised them.

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