Are the Best Things in Life Free?

I admit that I like watching Deal or No Deal. I know it doesn’t exactly require any intelligence on the part of the contestant, but I find it entertaining. I often reflect on what I would do if I did win a million dollars. Of course, I wouldn’t do anything exciting with the money, so they wouldn’t choose me to be on the show. They like to pick people who have huge debts to pay off or a crippled relative who needs an operation. I would buy a house, give some money to my family, and save the rest. That doesn’t exactly make for exciting television.

What would you do with that kind of cash? It better be exciting…


Kevin Lloyd said…
The new breed of TV game shows drives me crazy. I can't stand the forced tension ("We'll find out what's in case number 12 after this break."). I much prefer old school game shows where things are revealed immediately. On a related note, Sarah is convinced that our way to financial independence is through winning on Wheel of Fortune.
Jen said…
I would pay off student loans, eat at insanely expensive restaurants, take many wonderful and exciting trips, and buy a brownstone. Ok, i just read that the prize is only a million, so i'd take out a mortgage on a brownstone.

I, too, can't stand this show. But i don't judge, because i enjoy my fair share of fluff. And, similar to Kevin's wife, i thought OUR way to financial freedom was through the Pyramid show w/Donny Osmand. I would ROCK! alas, it is no longer on air. Thanks a lot, Donny... thanks for nothing.
trb48 said…
After buying a house (complete with solar panels) and a new car (electric of course) I wouldn't know what to do with the rest of the cash. I would probably donate it to the Joel Hiller campaign fund.

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