Warm Water Does Not Freeze Faster, Except in Certain Conditions

Often people ask me why I am so brilliant. At least, I assume that's what they're doing when they say, "Nice going, Einstein." When I was in elementary school, I got this little set of books from a book fair we had. Actually, I'm pretty sure that my brother got it, but I tended to end up in possession of all the books in our home that I liked.

Anyway, this picture is a front view of the box that has four tiny books in it. The books are about 2x3 inches. Each page has four or 5 "facts" on it. Here are a couple of verbatim examples:

The Netherlands grows and sells more than 2,700,000 flowers every year.

It takes forty minutes to hard-boil an ostrich egg.

I still enjoy reading these books, but I must admit that I've been disappointed to find out that some of the facts were incorrect (see the title of this post). If you can't trust a book called Facts (the books are titled Facts, Amazing Facts, Incredibly Amazing Facts, and Stupendously Incredibly Amazing Facts, respectively), then what can you trust? Is it any wonder I'm so cynical?


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