There has been some sort of climate control malfunction in the office. Immediately upon entering the building, most of us started to sweat. With the aid of a thermometer, I determined that it’s 84 degrees at my desk. One room in the building was well over 100 this morning. So bring your swim trunks and kiddie pools. It’s time for a beach party!


Jen said…
When i was home for Christmas, my mom would turn the heat way, WAY down at night and we'd all freeze. Seriously, we had at least 5 blankets on the bed. Then, in the early morning my dad would get up and turn the heat way, WAY up and we'd all die from suffocation. Good times, fickle parents.
Brooke said…
Joel, I'm bringing summer wear to work on Monday, just in case. I'd advise you to do the same.

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