Don't Touch That Dial!

I used to love listening to the radio. I knew when and where all the good music was. I had my favorite DJs and morning shows. Then I got a CD player in my car and an ipod. So for several years I haven’t listened to the radio at all.

For Christmas I got a shower radio, something I’ve actually wanted since my radio-listening days. I was surprised, however, at how much I now hate listening to the radio. The morning shows are vulgar and wholly un-funny, and it seems like there’s a commercial break after every sentence. So I pretty much listen to the news station in the morning for info on traffic and weather. *Sigh* I’m turning into my parents.


Jen said…
3 syllables representing 3 words, Joel: NPR
Joel said…
I tried NPR too, but there's just nothing interesting at 6:30 on weekday mornings. After all, Car Talk is on Saturdays...
LeeElle said…
Joel I feel your pain. What I'm noticing now is that about every 30 min or so I'm hearing the same news over and over.

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