Every once in a while mankind happens upon an idea that changes the course of history; an idea that has the potential to forever alter the face of the earth. I recently became aware of just such an idea, which many others have also stumbled upon and found it to be the true secret of happiness.

And that idea is… microwaving bacon.

Why didn’t I ever try this before? Why did I laugh at those infomercials with the little plastic rack you hang the bacon strips on like wet socks? I must shout it out to the world! Stop cooking your bacon in the skillet! We’ve all been so blind! Stop burning your breakfast and splattering yourself with hot grease! There’s a better way!


Jen said…
joel, that title... wow, is all i can say. wow. well done.

And, to continue, have you tried turkey bacon? It tastes pretty good if you don't miss gnawing on the fat of real bacon which some people might.
Joel said…
I have tried turkey bacon. It's okay, I guess but not as good as pork bacon when it's prepared just right. Actually, in general I'm more of a sausage guy, but the microwaving thing has rekindled my love of bacon.
trb48 said…
Why is it better?
Jar said…
Remember how I used to mock Johnny for cooking Hot Pockets in the oven? Beware, Joel. You're starting to see the world my way. Now I need to go cook some bacon...

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