Sinister Me

For those of you who don’t know (as opposed to those of you who don’t care, which list would include pretty much everybody), I’m left-handed. Being left-handed has its advantages, although I haven’t yet figured out what those are. I am glad, however, that I live in a time when we are not discriminated against and forced to write with the right hand, although the occasional anachronistic attitude still exists (LeeElle, I’m looking in your general direction). It would be funny if lefties sought for redress in the same manner as other groups of people whose ancestors were “repressed.” That would probably make an interesting movie, so long as it didn’t last more than 15 minutes.

My wife is also left-handed. We thought it would be fun if our children were left-handed too. Unfortunately, our first child is right-handed. Maybe we should force him to write with his left hand “to correct past injustices.”

When I was in Korea, I helped teach an English class to elderly people. One day I was writing something on the board, and someone asked me why I was writing with my left hand. They wanted to know if there was something wrong with my right hand. A couple of weeks later (these were older folks, remember) they asked me if I had broken my right hand. They just couldn’t fathom left-handedness. I only remember meeting one left-handed person the whole two years I was there.

According to the infallible Wikipedia, left-handed college graduates are 26% richer than their right-handed counterparts. There is apparently no explanation for this. Of course, I make less money than every other college graduate I know, so I guess I’m defective.

Does that make me “all left” or “all right”?


Kevin Lloyd said…
Anachronistic? You really think too highly of your readers. Come on. I mean, I'm a genius and I had to consult a dictionary. I hope in the future you could aim for the lowest common denominator. Thanks.


Concerned and confused in Tempe
LeeElle said…
woah, woah, woah! I'm offended, wait no I like the attention, I'm honored to be accused of being an it that obvious? I'll have you know I've calmed down since our crazy lx 450 days. I've been known to sit next to and shake hands with the lefties:)

Quick story...when my brother was born he started using his left hand to feed himself. My parents, also anarchists, made sure to change his utensil to the right, I mean his right hand every time and ta da! He thankfully has been cured of that near fatal syndrome.
p.s. I can't help but wonder if your offensive;) comments were really an attempt to get more comments? If so...success!
Buckholts said…
So my husband and I are opposite of you and your wife. We are both right handed. Samantha our 2 1/2 year old is left handed. We thought it was a fluke that at around 1 year she kept coloring with her left hand. I think we even called is a "phase". Well 18 months later we are proud to say she is left handed. Hopefully she will be more artistic, smarter and richer. Especially richer... can you say "nice retirement home?" -- Heidi Bell
Jen said…
I was able to look beyond it and married a lefty. It's a daily struggle but we do what we can to deal with it.
Joel said…
It's so nice to see everyone working to build a harmonious society together.
Jar said…
I was actually ambidextrous. I started school, and would switch hands at whim. My first grade teacher then taped a pencil to my right hand and forced me to use it. Now I can't use my left to write at all. My parents still want to shoot that teacher.

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