How Kind Have the Years Been?

For those who enjoy celebrating meaningless milestones, I just made my 200th post. I sincerely apologize for taking from you whatever time you've spent reading them. There are, however, no refunds. I do listen to complaints, however, since we all need the occasional excuse to laugh maniacally.

Anyway, when I was in 6th grade I had this serious crush on a girl in my class. But she thought (correctly) that I was just a gross, immature 11-year-old. So far as I recall, the last day of school that year was the last time we spoke. That was... let's see, June of 1992. So more than 15 years.

Well, some months back I noticed that she works at a store I sometimes patronize. And today she ended up helping in the line I had entered. Our first conversation in 15 years involved a coupon for baby wipes.

I didn't say anything about recognizing her, and I have no idea if she recognized me. It was just one of those funny moments in life, and it would have spoiled it if I had said anything.

What are some weird little moments from your life?


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