Vote for Meeeeeeeee!

It's time for the once-in-a-blue-moon feature I call "Joel Actually Gets Political,” in honor of the Iowa caucuses. Usually I leave the politics to my friend Todd, who actually pays attention to things. I just like to make the occasional snide comment, and of course today is no exception. This morning I caught 5 minutes of news, including a few seconds of speeches by the major presidential candidates. Most of them included the word “change,” although not in any specific sense.

I’m amused by this trend that comes around pretty much every time there’s any kind of election. The candidates promise unspecified “change” in their term. Just imagine a president who, after being sworn in, declares himself king, kills off everyone who opposes him, and forces us all to wear wooden shoes and quack like ducks. That would be “change,” wouldn’t it?

This political moment has been brought to you by the letter I (as in ignorance and indifference).


LeeElle said…
I love wooden shoes!
LeeElle said…
oh and I'm a size 9.5

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